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Protecting your business premises, assets and company data is fundamental to ensure the long-term health of your business. But with staff, clients and tradesmen all entering your property, how can you ensure 100% protection at all times? The best solution to this problem is to install an access control system. Controlling access to your business premises allows you to protect restricted areas and monitor staff access at all times.

There are a variety of access control solutions available, to suit different business needs. At MES Systems we are approved and experienced in all of the leading brands of access control including Salto, Paxton, ievo and Videx.


Paxton Access Control

The need for keeping your business premises safe has never been more important. With everything from housing stock, to expensive technology equipment in an office, you need to protect your property. You can prevent unauthorised access to your business with extra protection, such as access control. We use Paxton as our preferred access control supplier. Paxton are an industry leader in access control equipment and services, we also get preferential support from Paxton directly.

What is the Paxton Net 2 Solution?

The Net 2 solution from Paxton is designed with making your security as simple as possible. Whether it be a factory, warehouse, school, or even an apartment block, the Net 2 is a perfect solution to restrict unauthorised access. The Net 2 network can be administered and monitored using one or several PCs, which can be accessed from a central location. Paxton also offer a smartphone app that has some of the features available, right in the palm of your hand! The Net 2 solution has several ways to protect your property using different devices and technology.

Access restriction

The main focus of the Paxton Net 2 solution is that it can control access to doors, gates, and barriers that can be accessed with a fob or proximity card. You can even restrict the times the cards and fobs can be used, so even if someone gets hold of the devices, they can’t gain entry outside designated times.

CCTV and alarms

The Net 2 can also be linked to other security devices such as CCTV and alarms. Keeping track of what is going on in your business, automatically! Detecting fires and intruders, notifying the managed central control system.

Biometric readers

Fingerprint scanners have become more common place, even on our smartphones. Biometric scanners encompass several technologies that use biology as a security measure to restrict access. Fingerprint access will only allow access to the person it is linked to, if it isn’t on the database, they aren’t getting in.

Facial recognition

Using the uniqueness of a person’s face, you can limit access to your business premises with facial recognition software. Facial recognition takes a scan, or photo, of someone’s face and checks it for unique features. Where the eyes are positioned, the size of a nose etc.

Vehicle registration recognition

Do you get a lot of traffic to your warehouse or factory? Do you need to restrict the company car park to employees only? You can use vehicle registration recognition to automatically allow or deny access!

What is the Paxton 10?

Paxton 10 is a monthly subscription-based approach to access control and video monitoring. The management system is located in one, cloud-based, interface. Paxton 10 supports many of the Net 2 features but also allows access control to use a smartphone or smartwatch, as well as fobs, for gaining entry. Once all of the necessary equipment has been installed, you can manage everything to do with access management from that one online based software solution. The great part is that if someone fails to gain access, then tries to force their way in, they are then captured by the CCTV and then send an alert!