Hikvision Installers

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CCTV offers fantastic protection for your business both inside and outside of your premises. External CCTV can provide preventative measures against damage and vandalism, acting as a deterrent. Inside your premises, CCTV can provide security against shoplifting, theft from employees, and burglary.

We can design, install and certify the very latest Intelligent commercial security camera systems with vehicle and human recognition, sending notifications to you or to a monitoring station. Our systems will stop intruders in their tracks by challenging them audibly over a tannoy and calling the police if they don’t leave immediately.

Finding the best security cameras for business purposes can be tricky. However, being able to protect your business through security cameras can help protect your assets.   



Who is Hikvision?

A relatively new business in the security sphere, Hikvision was founded in 2001, but they have quickly grown to one of the largest CCTV manufacturers in the World! Spanning over 150 countries, the China based company is World leading in surveillance technology. We have worked with Hikvision since 2016 and are one of their approved VASP partners.

What does Hikvision offer?

The technology and solutions offered by Hikvision are constantly being improved, and they are striving for innovative solutions that are easy to use and understand. Here are some of the solutions Hikvision offer.


Hikvision have several different types of cameras that can be used for your all-in-one security solution. The AcuSense has deep-learning algorithms within its system which allows for better smart tool support. The automatic trigger for an intruder is very fast and can alert you to an intruder quicker. The ColorVu is an industry leading camera that records in HD and full colour, so you get better picture quality, night or day.

Remote Access

Hikvision does offer remote access software that can be accessed on a PC or smartphone. The main draw of Hikvision is they manufacture their own hardware. They manufacture a number of devices to control access to your business premises. This includes biometric readers, card readers, and electromagnetic door locks.

Logistics and Parcel tracking

From a customer purchasing a product from you, to them receiving the delivery, every step needs to be tracked. As a parcel goes on its journey it is scanned in and out of depots regularly. This has only increased in demand with the rise in online shopping. Hikvision offer revolutionary parcel tracking solutions that reduce the risk of losing a package. As soon as a parcel arrives at a depot, it is scanned, if anything happens to that parcel, you need to provide evidence of that parcel being at any given place at any given time. The camera records video evidence to a server that can be retrieved as and when. The best part? If you are already using LAN codes, it can be used with existing third-party systems.

Data Storage

Data has become crucial to our everyday lives. File sizes have become much larger than ever before. You need a system that can store lots of video capture, but is also reliable and won’t corrupt when you most need to retrieve it. Hikvision have an industry-leading research and development arm to their business which has invested a lot of time and money into making the most secure, reliable data storage devices.

Why would you use Hikvision?

The main reason anyone would use Hikvision is their product quality. They are well built, but also give some of the best recording quality on the market. They have a large selection of devices that will suit any business; you aren’t restricted to a few products. The systems they have developed are made to be user friendly, allowing for more people to be able to understand and use the technology. Most importantly, they are leading the way, bringing new technology into the market and taking security seriously!