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Gates and barrier systems can be used by businesses as an additional level of security or access control, and there are many different options available. Which option is right for your business will depend on the level of control you need to exert. For example, do you just need to limit vehicle access to the staff/customer car park, or do you also need to control who enters your business premises? For vehicle access options include rising barriers, bollards, or bar gates. For tight control of your premises, turnstiles are a popular option.

Whatever your requirements, the team at MES Systems can talk you through the various options available to you, and come up with the perfect customised solution for your business.


Why are commercial gates and barriers important?

Securing the perimeter of your business is a key component of any commercial security system. It’s the job of a perimeter to outline the boundary of your property, and using a wall or fences offers a clear and defined boundary. It helps to keep intruders out, acting as the first line of defence against criminals. They’re used by a wide range of industries and settings, from goods yards to supermarkets, building sites and educational premises.

A perimeter fence or wall is only as secure as its weakest point. In most cases, this will be the access point through the perimeter. Secure gates and barriers with access control provide a realistic means to protect your business. These help you determine who enters and exits your premises and can reduce the risk of trespassers gaining access.

Automated gates and automated barriers when used in conjunction with other security measures such as commercial CCTV, help to keep your perimeter secure while allowing authorised personnel and visitors to enter and leave.

What about pedestrian access?

Gates and barriers can be installed that allow for safe and secure access for pedestrians. These may also be combined with remote monitoring and access controls. Automated gates can make pedestrian access easier while increasing the overall security of your site.

MES Systems are leading suppliers of high-quality gates and barriers

At MES systems, we understand the security needs of commercial buildings. We’ve built our reputation on supplying systems of the highest quality and reliability. We ensure that any commercial gates and barriers we install are suitable for the location, helping to bolster the overall security profile of the site.

We supply a wide range of automatic barrier gate systems to suit a variety of different industries and contexts. These can include bar gates, automatic gates and barriers, rising bollards and other systems. Our professional team can help you find the right gate option for your particular premises. As well as access control, we can also provide a remote monitoring system that gives high levels of around the clock security.

Why is it a good idea to use professional installers?

Gate installation is a complex process which is easy to get wrong. Associated professionals such as electricians, builders and landscape gardeners frequently offer gate installation services. Although some of these tradespeople may be skilled and experienced, a professional gate installer can ensure that your gates are designed and installed as safely and effectively as possible.


Choose MES systems for your commercial gates and barriers

At MES Systems, our passion for security pushes us to go the extra mile for our clients. We can provide a complete gate and barrier supply, installation and maintenance service for your business premises.

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