Fire & School Security


Why should you have fire safety & CCTV in Schools?

Schools are one of the cornerstones of our local communities. It’s their responsibility to not only educate our children but also to keep them safe. Parents need to be confident that adequate school security is in place while still allowing their children to enjoy the best education possible.

 It’s important to remember, however, that security for schools has to balance the need to be secure without turning the school building into an intimidating, visibly high-security environment. 

What does good school security look like and what components do you need to maximise security without impinging too much on the education being delivered?

CCTV and Video surveillance

Increasingly, CCTV and video surveillance is becoming a key part of the school environment. It provides an effective way to monitor who is accessing the school site, where people are at any particular time, and to spot incidents early on.

A school CCTV or video surveillance system can either record footage from the site that can then be reviewed at a later date or may be continually monitored, allowing potential incidents and activities of concern to be spotted and dealt with.

Every school & college needs a fire safety system they can trust

Fire safety systems are vital for every school. They need to be reliable, comprehensive and regularly tested to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. Fire alarms and extinguishers are essential, and when combined with remote monitoring offer very high levels of protection against fire.

Why should schools consider remote monitoring?

It’s not practical for most schools and colleges to employ their own on-site security to monitor CCTV video around the clock. Remote monitoring can follow what’s happening on site from a remote location. As well as monitoring school CCTV, remote monitoring will also monitor fire alarm systems and school intruder alarms, giving your school comprehensive security coverage.

Gates & Barriers

Gates, barriers and security fencing will usually play a part in overall school security. This will normally be designed and implemented to reflect the school environment. They can be combined with school access control systems that speed up authorised access while ensuring that unwanted intruders are not allowed access.

All-round education solutions

An all round education security system will incorporate all of these components, helping to make the school site safe, reducing risk and ensuring that any arising issues are addressed before they have a chance to become a significant issue.

Having a comprehensive solution in place offers reassurance to parents, helps make the school environment safe and trusted, and allows educational professionals to get on with their job.

At MES Systems, we’re experts when it comes to providing physical security for schools. Our comprehensive solutions maximise security, build confidence and reduce risk. We’re specialists at security across the board, and we can provide solutions that help you protect your business, your home or your school.

We use cutting edge products to give you the best protection currently available and we’re the leading SSAIB accredited provider of fire and security systems in the Midlands.

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