Covid Security

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Help protect the people at your premises with our range of COVID security solutions.

Density Control/People Counting – With businesses starting to re-open and social distancing becoming the ‘new normal’ it is imperative to ensure that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside. Our density control flow management solution can provide clear signage and automatic voice prompts to manage a queue of people to help avoid overcrowding of a building. The system has the capability of managing multiple entrances/exits and displaying the data in multiple locations.

Temperature Screening – With advanced detectors and algorithms, our thermal body temperature monitoring solution can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios such as moving crowds of passengers, commuters or shoppers, with accuracy up to ±0.3° C. An approach that incorporates competent technologies, instead of manpower alone makes this solution safer, faster and smarter.

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Social Distancing is a hot topic in current discussions. In areas where crowds are unavoidable, such as cash registers in the supermarket and the ticket kiosk at public transportation stations, how to measure social distancing compliance is critical. Authorities in various locations have established specific guidelines and legislation in this area, balancing needs and risks for citizens.

This solution uses people counting and 3D modeling technologies to measure the distance between people accurately. The distance measurement can be adjusted, according to scenario, or changing Government regulations, for example.

The output can be connected to various kinds of alarm, such as a siren or speaker, making it possible to tailor the message to the scenario. For example, an audio message saying “Please remember to keep more than 2m apart” could be used. Alternatively, in more extreme circumstances a siren could sound, alerting a security guard to intervene.

Mask detection technology can be found in a variety of solutions. It uses an AI algorithm to analyze face shape data to detect if a person is wearing a face mask. Based on the detection result, actions can be defined, for example, a voice prompt or a link to an access system to deny entry.

This means it’s quicker, easier, and safer to monitor people passing through a space to check they have face masks. The solution’s flexibility and easy deployment means it is useful in various scenarios where multiple people pass, like transport hubs, offices, warehouses and large shops. 

In a scenario where face masks are mandatory, or even recommended, this provides a simple way to monitor the situation, or even to remind people of the rules.