Monitoring Information

Thank you for your order. Please can you read the document titled ‘ Keyholder responsibility information’ and circulate it to anyone who is going to be a keyholder on your system as this will help familiarise yourself and them with the monitoring process. Please can you also complete and email the form titled, ‘ Keyholder checklist and monitoring application’ to We use this form to apply for the alarm monitoring with Custodian monitoring and it is where you will also list the keyholders that you want to be contacted in the event of an alarm activation.

Police Response

If you would like us to apply for police response on your system (subject to minimum system standards), please complete and email the form titled ‘ Appendix G June 2015 – Police Risk Assessment’ to This form is a basic risk assessment that the police require completing before they issue a URN (police response unique reference number) for your system. The cost of a standard intruder URN is £43.48 + VAT. If you also require police response on your panic attack (PA) button (if you have/having one fitted) that is an additional £43.48 + VAT. We also recommending reading the document titled ‘ Police response letter’ which will outline some information about the police response element.