Changes to the RISCO cloud


Information on the RISCO Cloud service

  • The smartphone application provides you with an easy way to manage your home or business security. The app is an additional tool and not a ‘basic part’ of your alarm system.
  • This change has no impact on the workings of your security system.
  • The charge is not per user but per site (= security system). This means there is only one charge, even if there are multiple smartphone users for a single security system.
  • Your online cloud platform is installed on servers which provide the highest levels of security, backup and GDPR-compliant user privacy.
  • The manufacturer continues to develop cloud and app services to introduce or enhance future new features such as enhanced video, home automation and doorbell integration.

RISCO Cloud is now the most secure and robust security platform in the market.

Over the years we invested millions of pounds in cyber security protection, capacity and survivability of our Cloud platform – unmatched by any of our competitors.

RISCO Cloud is hosted by Microsoft Azure and enjoys the highest standards of managed services, scalability and data security. It meets the highest standards of quality and it has certification of European standards EN 50136-1 and EN 50136-3, as well as international standards, the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. We also hold certification to the same level as Alarm Receiving Centres.

In the UK, it is the only intruder cloud solution that is Secured by Design accredited.

The hundreds of thousands of sites that are managed by RISCO Cloud enjoy not only a feature rich platform, but also a high service level and superb performance which is highly responsive to user’s actions. All of which is possible due to the advanced technology of RISCO Cloud.

Why will there be charges for RISCO Cloud?
RISCO Cloud was provided free of charge to installers and end users for many years, despite the high cost of development and maintenance of the platform. RISCO Group always emphasised in the terms and conditions of the Cloud and the App, that fees may at some point in the future be applied for using the Cloud services.

As we are striving to continue to provide the best solution on the market, with exceptional service levels and investment in future developments, such as enhanced video and doorbell, RISCO Cloud will cease being a free service in the coming weeks.