Access Control Explained


We know that protecting your premises, assets and data is fundamental to ensure the long-term health of your business. But with staff, clients and tradesmen all entering your property at different times via different points it can be difficult to ensure 100% protection all of the time. The best solution to this problem is to have an access control system installed. Controlling access to your premises allows you to protect restricted areas and monitor staff access at all times.

We supply and install products from three leading brands. Paxton, Salto and Videx.

For most projects we primarily work with Paxton as their core products provide great solutions for most of our customers and as an experienced registered installer we receive preferential support from Paxton directly.

Their Net 2 solution is designed to make the management of any building such as a school, factory, or apartment block very simple. This is a networked access control system which can be administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location with some features also being available via the Paxton Connect smartphone app. It is a complete solution that encompasses wireless and wired door entry. As well as users being able to open doors, gates and barriers using their proximity card or fob at the pre-scheduled times, we can also integrate facial or vehicle recognition to control access. Net 2 can also integrate the with your CCTV, fire alarm or intruder alarm system as well as time and attendance integration with your accounts software to speed up payroll processing. To add an extra layer of security we can also integrate iEVO biometric readers at various points around a site. Some of our customers also use their Paxton proximity cards as staff ID cards and to control access to certain printers on site.

Paxton 10 is a subscription-based access control & video management system available on a single, user-friendly cloud based online interface. The system supports most of the features as Net 2 but also supports users being to use their smartphone or smartwatch in addition to their proximity card or fob. Salto Systems also have a similar cloud based product which has been available for a numbers of years called Salto KS.

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